A single tiny integrated GPRS device for you to transact, without any dependency on multiple devices like a phone and card swiping dongle/ card reader.


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The need of small fragmented businesses to seamlessly accept card based payments has spawned a new industry called mPOS (mobile point of sale). A small device connected to the internet is now an acceptable way of accepting payments. The boundaries that existed for traditional POS machines are disappearing as the penetration of mobile phones/devices, clubbed with the ‘Internet of Things’ has changed the way card acceptance works.

CARDपे has gone a step ahead and introduced a single tiny integrated GPRS device for you to transact, without any dependency on multiple devices like a phone and card swiping dongle/ card reader.

Here at CARDपे, we focus on making such plastic-based transactions cost-neutral as well as technologically avant-garde. So, we are not splitting hair trying to reinvent the wheel and have outsourced the technology to the experts freeing ourselves of the clutter – to do what we do best, and innovate.

तो what do WE do, you ask?

We are here to innovate and make plastic or new-age payment ubiquitous for businesses, irrespective of whether it is a solitary endeavor or a family-run venture or a medium-sized chain of outlets. We are also looking at ways to lower the hurdles for businesses to be more flexible and nimble and raising the EASE OF DOING BUSINESS quotient.

At CARDपे, we know how to sell, we know how to serve and that’s what we want to focus on


With CARDपे, we hope to enable every merchant (even the आमआदमी) to receive payments via a credit or a debit card, in all cities across India, via a fast, secure and safe medium of transaction. Our goal is to:

  • Make transaction processing charges & ownership costs, as low as possible,
  • Eliminate the need for multiple devices for handling multiple transactions,
  • Reduce operational risks with EMV and signature/PIN, and
  • Ensure that the merchant never loses out on small change बूंद-बूंद से सागर भरता है|



  • Merchant identification, acquisition, onboarding, training and management – throughout the entire life cycle.
  • Quick, easy and hassle-free sign up.
  • A certified eco-system.
  • APIs into existing ERPs, to automate the reconciliation process.
  • Mobility of payment acceptance – the device can be used anywhere as long as cellular coverage is available.
  • Reports via the app, email and our website.
  • Ability to carry out other revenue generating transactions on the same device, like train tickets, airtime, utility payments etc.थोड़ासब्र रखो



  • MasterCard, Visa and Rupay cards accepted
  • EMV Chip and PIN compatible
  • Ability to track sales
  • Power to always be in control
  • Fast checkout
  • No hidden fees




Swipe या Dip करो,


बस Amount भरो


और PIN डालो

The Cardपे Clientele

Got a Bank Account and a PAN Card?

तो CARDपे है ना!

Here are a few industries that we already cater to.
  • E-commerce companies for Card on Delivery
  • Service providers
  • Restaurants
  • Healthcare services
  • Insurance
  • Cab services
  • Exhibitions
  • Charitable institutions
  • And of course, the आमआदमी

Come Collaborate

अभि भी DOUBT मे?

Let’s give you a few great reasons to choose us.
  • Never lose out on a sale
  • Low Risk – Reduce operational risk with EMV, signature/PIN
  • Low Cost – Lower cost of POS device compared to others
  • Secure – Protected by PIN, money straight to bank account
  • Quick – Enter amount, swipe/dip and enter pin
  • E-receipt
  • Money transferred straight to your/merchants back account
  • No cash runs to the bank – Withdraw money straight from an ATM
  • Customer care support for all business issues
  • Mobility – Portable device which is easy to carry around
  • Pilferage protection – Keep a track of all sales through e-receipts generated by the machine
  • No more small change – Everything can be taken care of through plastic
  • Simple KYC
Come Collobrate

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